Miraj Audio helps children learn about the Prophets

Ramadan is the best time for children to learn about the lives of the Prophets of Allah. They show us how we should live our lives, treat each other and pray to our Lord, the Most Kind and Loving. To make children’s experience enjoyable and memorable, we have released the second audiobook from the ‘Stories of the Quran’ Series. 

In the first part ‘Abraham (Ibrahim) and the Holy House’, children will learn how the Prophet Abraham is instructed by God to take his wife and baby into the desert and to leave them there. The Prophet does as he is commanded. What unfolds next is very dramatic! 

The second story is also children’s all-time favourite ‘Jonah (Yunus) and the Whale’. The Prophet Johan decides to run away from God only to find himself in the belly of a whale! The sound effects in the story add extra drama to this already dramatic story ever told.