New release: Stories from the Quran – Book 3

We’re reaching the middle of Ramadan and to mark this milestone we are releasing the third book in the ‘Stories from the Quran’ Series. It begins with the story of ‘Joseph (Yusuf) in the Well. Yusuf’s jealous brothers try to get rid of him by throwing him into a well. But how will Yusuf escape?

Miraj Audio helps children learn about the Prophets

Ramadan is the best time for children to learn about the lives of the Prophets of Allah. They show us how we should live our lives, treat each other and pray to our Lord, the Most Kind and Loving. To make children’s experience enjoyable and memorable, we have released the second audiobook from the ‘Stories of the Quran’ Series. 

Greetings of Peace in Ramadan from Miraj Audio

We welcome Ramadan with a new release ‘Stories from the Quran – Book 1’. The audiobook begins with ‘The Story of the Creation’. The twinkling sounds of the far-away stars, roaring of the lions and trumpeting of the elephants along with chirping of the birds create an enchanting world that will go down well with our little fans.