Muslims echo Christian call for Telling Stories

Press Release: A UK-based digital publisher of Islamic stories, Miraj Audio, has welcomed the initiative by the British Bible Society urging parents to read to their children stories from the Bible.

Win Miraj Audio Stories! And Another Great Review

Here's another excellent review, and one that gives some great insight into the value of audiobooks for busy Mums. More than that, there's a chance to win stories from Miraj Audio! The full review and competition details can be found here: Little Life of Mine. Don't forget, if you enjoy our stories you can let us know by writing a review.

Confessions of a Muslim MOMma-holic Review

Here's an entertaining review of The Ants and the Prophet from a self-confessed homeschooling mommaholic! This Muslim momma highlights the powerful educational potential of audiobooks: she writes, 'As many of you may know by now, I’m not really big on the whole ‘pushing my children to read as early as possible’ thing. Instead of putting the focus on phonics and decoding text, I’ve spent a great deal of time focusing on read-alouds and just talking about what we’ve read.

Help for parents in TV battles.

Muslim parents facing the uphill struggle of getting their children away from the TV and computer games are being offered a solution at last. A British-based Muslim production house, Miraj Audio, has just launched world-wide with a range of compelling Islamic stories in audiobook format.

Miraj team takes audiobooks worldwide.

The UK-based Miraj Audio is now marketing its high-quality Islamic audiobooks for children in the world’s most prestigious digital stores. Now, with one click, Muslim parents can buy Islamic talking books from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play as well as from Miraj’s own outlet: