Muslims echo Christian call for Telling Stories

Press Release: A UK-based digital publisher of Islamic stories, Miraj Audio, has welcomed the initiative by the British Bible Society urging parents to read to their children stories from the Bible.

“Religious stories have been read from generation to generation and it would be a big mistake to stop teaching them to children,” says the founder of Miraj Audio, Adiba Ataeva. “We launched our Islamic publishing company last year because there weren’t enough high-quality religious stories available for Muslim children.”

According to press reports, the Bible Society is in talks with popular children’s authors to come up with their own exciting re-telling of the Bible stories.

“We had the idea of re-telling the Prophets’ stories in an exciting way, using modern story-telling techniques, technology and contemporary English, three years ago,” says Abdul Mateen Sansom, the creative director of Miraj Audio. “Since then, we published the audio adaptations of David and Goliath and Jonah and the Giant Fish using the Qur’an, Hadith and also the Old Testament as our sources. Next month we are releasing the story of Noah told from a new fascinating angle – the animals’ point of view as well as the epic story of Joseph.” 

Miraj Audio says Islamic organisations should also look into launching their own initiative urging Muslim parents to teach their children the stories of the Prophets. 

“Muslims take their children’s Islamic education very seriously,” says Adiba Ataeva. “But we’ve been saddened to meet Muslim children who didn’t know the popular story of Dawood and Jaloot (David and Goliath). Sharing Quranic teachings with our children at story-time strengthens their cultural roots in the Islamic tradition. It’s also important for them to learn how much they have in common with friends at school who follow different faiths. And with Miraj Audio stories, which combine strict religious accuracy with great sound effects, they don’t even realise that they are learning; it’s all fun to them.”