Gearing up for Ramadan!

To make Ramadan even more special we will be releasing during this blessed month an amazing collection of short stories from the Holy Quran. The 'Stories from the Quran' Series is an introduction for very young Muslims to the enchanting and timeless stories found in the Quran. The Jordanian British actress, Rania El Kurdi, who narrated ‘Muslim Child’, is reading all six books of the series (12 stories in total!). We believe her soothing voice and calming delivery will go down well with our little fans. But what makes these stories a great listen is, of course, the sound effects that are so popular with children. The hard copy books of ‘Stories from the Quran’ were published by UK-based Hood Hood Books in 2000. We are tremendously grateful to its founder and owner, Dalia Salaam Rishani for granting us audio rights for this wonderful collection.